December 12, 2012

{Wedding Coordination} Whitney + Brian

W + B had a lovely dancehall wedding in Fredericksburg, Texas on an unseasonably cold, windy October day. That didn't stop anyone from having a grand ole time. W + B had lots of friends and family to help out and they were truly an amazing team. Her brother, only 17, baked and decorated all the cakes himself! The day was even more fun b/c my dear friend, Paige, was in the wedding party. Congratulations, Whitney + Brian - so happy for you two!!

As for Bird Dog, we provided planning/coordination and helped with some of the design details - including day-of styling, ceremony design, place cards, flowers, and flower flags. Fun! See end of post for full vendor list.

For now, enjoy these beautiful, beautiful images by Lindsey at The Life You Love Photography.

Coordination and some design pieces {Bird Dog Wedding}
Venue {Pat's Hall}
Officiant {Pastor Bobby Vitek}
DJ {AJ Hanenburg}
Bouquets/Bouts {handcrafted by the wedding party}
Centerpieces {friends and family}
Cakes {bride's brother}
Food {friends and family}


  1. Love this post. :) Obviously I'm a little biased... But you did an amazing job designing and coordinating! I didn't even get to see half of the elements and they looked SO pretty! :)

  2. You should add 'Followers' on the blogspot platform, it's so fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing <3

  3. Congratulations Whitney and Brian on your wonderful wedding. What a nice couple. Whitney and Brian, You both are looking fabulous together. Whitney's Bridal dress is looking very pretty. Brian's Grey suit is a very nicely designed.